Introducing DIA!

(DApp Incubation Association)

Number of Decentralized Applications (DApps) are growing each day. However, it is hard for most of DApp teams to find a proper investor or do a massive marketing in the early stages. In order to support and build DApp ecosystem, three hard-working EOS block producers came together and decided to collaborate to make a DApp incubation program called ‘DIA’.

With DIA, DApp teams can apply easily and get support from trusted figures of EOS community.

Who We Are?

The founding partners of DIA are HKEOS, EOSYS and EOS Cannon.


HKEOS is tech-focused block producer originating from Hong Kong. Pre-mainnet launch, they started the secure Ghostbusters testnet and launch scripts, and helped pioneer a redundant infrastructure model for launch.

Since then, they have contributed to the community by creating the fastest EOS block explorer, building the worker proposal contract and platform, and writing a test suite program (EOS Test Cave) for EOSIO contracts. They have also been running one of the first dApp incubators, and have partnered with strong teams including Uncloak, L2, and Lumeos.

EOS Cannon

EOS Cannon as a collective community holds the largest EOS token stakes in the world. Since the second half of 2017, EOS Cannon has been active in multiple global crypto forums, public networks and social media. They have been working closely with many EOS BP’s and developer communities around the world.

As an active promoter and practitioner of the EOS ecosystem the Cannon community focuses on ecologically incubating, Dapp investment, developer training, and closely cooperating with a number of international organizations, investment and financing institutions. EOS Cannon is among the strongest block producers in China. They will prove to the world that they will strive to be the benchmark and role model for community governance under the blockchain DPOS consensus by participating in community governance, technology contributions, incubation and investment, and helping quality DAPPs to land.


The EOSYS team is made up of intellectuals, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts, that are passionate about EOS and its potential.

They dove into the world of EOS even before the Mainnet launch with EOSscan (, which was the most popular EOS ICO monitoring site since its launch at June 2017. They declared their candidacy in the primary candidate registration period and have worked tirelessly to boost the expansion and development of EOS. They have been focusing on vitalizing DApp ecosystem(DApp Studio/Contest/Festa), governance & community and making usable tools for token holders (

Cannon Capital

Cannon Capital is a VC fund company founded by EOS Cannon, invest area including: underlying blockchain technology, EOS-based general-purpose tools, games, financial and application platforms.

Cannon Capital’s 1st fund named Cannon α, is an EOS-denominated fund dedicated to helping developing blockchain projects on EOS around the world in the early stages. Cannon Incubator is an important part of EOS Cannon, it is designed by Cannon Capital to support the development of each excellent project with technology, community and consulting service including token economy .

What We Do?

This is content about the Incubator

1 Community Support

We share our community to inform token holders of China, Korea and America to know about projects we support. Strong community support is a powerful leverage for DApp teams, who normally have not enough internal resources to cover different communities in various regions.

2 Network

We are in good relationship with various Venture Capitals all around the world. For teams who need seed investments, it is hard to go directly to big VCs without a proper introduction. Starting from that need, we will provide introductions and events for supported teams to meet and talk to good VCs.

3 Consultancy & Investment

We plan to provide consulting services including token model and technical advisory. With various partnerships, we can give needed help depending on which side of support a project needs. We plan to do seed investments after an evaluation period.